Monday, May 18, 2009

Milles Crepes 法式千層蛋糕

Mille Crepes from Humble Beginnings (HB). Call 012-4858035 for order/enquiry or log on to the website.

A bunch of us were tempted to try out the mille crepes since we first received the e-flyer. However.....due to the price is kinda high, felt like chiak kim, therefore I suggested to them, "Let's 'puah' lot!" like jual tanah like that lah :) . Each one gonna take up either quarter, semi or whole. Good, finally I managed to gather order for 4x Regular size one.

We requested HB to pre-cut into 12 slices so that we could easily distribute the slices among ourselves. HB delivered right to our 'doorstep' aka guard house. No additional charges applied.

We ordered these creations :
French Vanilla Creation (Regular 0.9 kg = RM55, Large 1.3kg = RM75)
Other Creations (Regular 0.9kg = RM68, Large 1.3kg = RM88)

French Vanilla Creation - This is the cheapest one as it's the most basic one. From the first bite, I personally felt like eating "apom (crepe) + layer cake + cream". Ha! :p

The first word uttered from our mouths spontaneously is" GoooD ah!"

The 'fringes' look like apom right?! :)

This is to let you see what is inside the layers lah.

The next thing normally they did was to start comparing the price with the Secret Recipe's cakes.


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