Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ivy's Kitchen Invited Review (Part I - Set Meal)

I was invited by Mr Tan from Ivy's Kitchen @ Chow Thye Road (off Burmah Road) to hold a small food review last week.

My personal feeling after food review: "How I wish that I could find one such cafe at FIZ who could cater for both cheng-cheng-tei kaki and also strong-taste kaki ! I felt that those working in town are more blissful than me loh." :)

Dear floggers, if any of you is interested in their food after reading this series of posts, perhaps you may drop a few lines showing your interest and we may liaise with the taukeh to see if another BIG session of food review is possible(?!). *wink*

No fancy deco, just two doors away from Jemputree which is also next to the Isaribi Tei.

Ivy's Kitchen offers worthy set meal with less than RM10. All combos will come with a fruit juice and a dessert (soya jelly with longan). Sound OK?!

Every RM5 spent entitles you for one stamp. You are entitled to redeem for one free set meal after collecting 10 stamps. Sound more OK?

For the combo meal, there are add-on options. You could add RM1 to get a Red Bean Soup (normal price RM1.60) or add RM 2 for Rojak (normal price @ RM3). Sound even more OK?

Here is the menu for Ivy's Kitchen Value Meal.

COMBO A: Chicken Rendang (RM9)
This combo is one of their best-selling combo. I personally like this dish the most compared to other rice sets (combo B / combo C). Firstly, I love the drumstick. Secondly, the chicken was cooked till just nice enough, texture ngam-ngam-hoe. Thirdly, it's topped with the gravy of the chicken rendang which is fragant and yet not that spicy, suit my taste. This combo is served with white rice, half slice of egg, keropok, pickled vege, fried ikan bilis + peanuts.

COMBO B: Beef Rendang (RM8.50)(more.....)

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