Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smoky Jack - Bad Beginning Bad Ending!

Smoky Jack @ Upper Penang Road

This is a post based on the dining experience my friends and I went through last Saturday night. Mind you, it's a birthday celebration dinner.

Beh song #1 :

I placed a booking for Saturday night, a table for 6 pax. As early as 4 days before. When I reached there, they couldn't find my name! The Captain In Black (CIB) started to ask a series of questions.
"When did you book?"
"Tuesday or Wednesday, I am not sure, but must be one of these two days."
"What time?"
"I booked for 7.30p.m. one, 6 pax"
"Who takes your booking?"
"A male." *Now I really regretted for not asking for his name*
In one glance I could see that the book is full of table diagrams with reservation but my name, takda leh! I could see that there's only two to three tables vacant.
Later on after we were seated, the CIB said," Well, normally if you were to call during weekdays, it's either me or the bartender who will be answering your calls."
I muttered in my heart, " It's either you or him loh then. 50%-50%. Simple to track it. You two go and fight lah."

Beh song #2 :

The CIB directed us to a table of 4 pax, which was just behind the bar. If you were to squeeze in another two fellows, of course can, not to say cannot, but elbow-to-elbow loh.
"No bigger table ah?"
"Got. There got one can cater for up until 10 pax, but it's booked already." We shrugged as it's 'your' fault lah. "Out tables here normally can cater for 4 to 5 pax".
We pointed to the other three-quarter circle tables, "How about that one?"
"This is also booked, but this is also for four only."
The waiter and CIB kept assuring us that this table is more suitable for 6 persons than the three-quarter circle table beside us.
In the end the birthday gal who came later decided to swap. She is the queen of the night, we got to respect her mah. :) We found that the three-quarter circle one is actually more comfortable leh! Yee...........I really wonder did they actually sit on the seats and experienced themselves the difference of the rectangle table vs three-quarter circle table ?

Beh song #3 :

The three of us who were early wanted to order fruit juice.
"Apple juice , one, two, three."
The waiter informed us, "Er...the apple juice is not freshly squashed one. "
"So...which ones are then?"
"orange, watermelon."
"OK, we go for orange then."
Later on when the latest comer arrived, he asked for honeydew juice.
The waitress said YES!
Har??????? just now that waiter said got only orange and watermleon one????!!!!!

Beh song #4 :

Two persons wanted to order Cod Fish Au Gratin & Butter Sauce, RM28 each.
A moment later after the order was made, the waiter came and said, "Sorry. The cod fish that currently available in the kitchen is bigger in size, therefore the price is set at RM38 now. you want to ...? "
They two switched to order Smoky Jack Grouper, RM29 then.
Aiyoyoh.....put lah 'market price'. It's time for you to update your menu lah ok?!

Beh song #5 :


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