Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr. Pot Coffee & Toast

Mr. Pot Coffee & Toast @ Gurney Drive (next to Silverton Condominium)

Over here at Mr. Pot, the menu covers all from western to asian for main dishes. There are also Old Town Kopitiam's style of toast, bread, boiled eggs and etc. You can enjoy having variety in drinks e.g. coffee, fresh fruit juice, smoothie, freezes, liquor, cocktail and etc. For those who just want to have tit-bit and snacks, no problem too.

For me, I particularly appreciated this place since it was first opened as this is the place where I could have my asian / local delights during midnight.

Fish porridge or chicken porridge? We would normally recommend the Cintra Street one. But then hey, imagine lah, we can only go at night woh, we got to wait until it starts to 'open stall' and only selling within that certain hours and SOMEMORE we all got to look at the 'bin sek' of that auntie. Hmm...... :) Where else but Mr. Pot could we be this convenient to have one bowl of fish/chicken porridge at ANYTIME uh?! Mr. Pot opens for 24 hours daily woh!

Mr. Pot Fish Porridge (RM6.00+) . This one is of course less flavourful compared to the bee hoon below but that's what a cheng cheng tei fish porridge should be right?! The fish slices are served in thick slices, boh chiak kao one. Cannot compare with other typical fish porridge stalls lah, boh hu hae pun hoe right at this time.

YY always tell me that she likes the fish porridge here. I agree, this is a place where OL who doesn't have time to cook herself to have a healthy fish porridge conveniently, particularly when you are sick and yet you got to WORK uh!

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup (RM7.80+) . This bee hoon soup is more flavourful.


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