Thursday, May 21, 2009

Opera Set Lunch - value for money!

I believed what Opera offered is a true value meal after reading from Lingzie 's post.

Elegant deco. 有情調 loh. The background music is chinese song in opera tone but modern tempo one oi, hehe. MATCHING the name and image perfectly! :)

The set lunch is served from Mon to Sat (12 noon -3.00pm). The set lunch menu is different each day from Mon to Fri, except Sat - which is randomly picked from the Mon-Fri of that week.
Fyi, the menu for this week's Monday will not stick to the following week's Monday.

The set lunch is a 4-course-set lunch. It comes with an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert of the day and a drink (coffee, tea or ice lemon tea).

We happened to be there on a Saturday Lunch. Here's the menu of that day's set lunch.

I ordered WARM Lemon Tea. It's freshly extracted, got bubbles one oi! Mai siao siao!

The appetizer is a Vietnamese summer rolls. It's simply vege (cucumbers and carrots cut in long cube shape and wrapped with lettuce in a popiah skin). A very typical healthy+plain taste unless you dip it with the chilli sauce.

I was impressed with the dish presentation. Every dish is decorated like a piece of art. Very chio colour, got lovely orchid on every dish!!! The serving size is "just-enough" size. I believe one will definitely feel "enough" (not over) by completing the 4-course-meal.

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