Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah Joo Durian @ Sungai Batu

It’s durian season again from May till August. Thanks to Steven for the ride to this wonderful durian trip!

Over here at Ah Joo’s durian stall, the durians and some other local fruits are supplied from Gertak Sanggul whereas the rambutans are from Balik Pulau.

He has been operating for ~17 yrs on durian business. You can easily detect his stall which has no fancy NUMBER nor funny NICK, just right after the mosque at Sungai Batu.

If you are coming from airport -> Teluk Kumbar direction, right after this mosque on your left, take note on the Forever Star electrical and plumber trading house. Ah Joo's stall is right beside it.

The taukeh aka Ah Joo.

Ang Hae / Udang Merah / Otak Udang 红虾 (RM10-30) (明星風範! 一站出來, 的確艷光四色! 兼具實力+偶像的魅力,讓人讚嘆不已!) (She is a born artist, standing amidst the other candidates she outshines the rest, equipped with both strength & idol features, very impressive!)

I could understand how it can be related to "Ang Hae" as it's orange in colour. Smooth and fine, sweetness could be said ~ 90% and exhibit only a slight bitter taste. The flesh is thick as it consists of small seed.

This one that we ate is RM16.


Hop to Ah Joo Durian @ Sungai Batu for full view of this post.