Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓): Invited Review (Part I)

Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓) : Invited Review (Part I)

Thanks Jian & & Criz for the food review invitation on Last Sunday. This is by far the biggest group we had since we started to have food review in group. Thanks Ko-Fu-Loft management too for being so generous in accomodating 21 pax of us in one go!

By alphabetical order: - Allie - Bee - Cariso - Criz Lai - Jian - LK Low - Cheryl Wee - Mary - Eunice, Siew Ying & Iris - Gill & Jason - CW Chan - Huat Koay & Albert - Steven Goh - CK Lam - Allen - Christy
site pending - Chef Khoon

A wall of Dim Sum steaming baskets arrayed behind the cashier.

Some private dining corners.

Basically Ko-Fu-Loft inherited everything from the ex-Food Loft with minor renovation. What else could be done on the layout since it's been like that right? The only thing they could do is the interior decoration.

Lovely bird cages. This walkway is located between the two kitchens. This is the area where we were seated for our food review. Great uh?!

In overall, I favour the dim sum of Ko-Fu-Loft more compared to its other ala carte dishes. Let's scroll down to see why.

Har Kau (Fresh Prawn Dumpling) RM 5.50 My rating : 8/10.
The prawns were very springy, even though the dish has been left there for some time, the springiness still remained. This further proved the freshness of the ingredients used in this dim sum dish.

Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling) RM5.50 My rating : 7/10


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