Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miraku G-Hotel Sashimi

Miraku @ G-Hotel : SASHIMI PART

Alas, no chance to catch the train for Miraku set lunch @ 30% off for June. We somehow did it on Sashimi @ 30% off for dinner on last Sunday!

The pickles (for the dinner set). I like the jelly fish and that XL-size bean.

I really regret when looking at this photo! What a waste! Guess what? I was in a hurry to shoot ASAP from the backside of this dish as I could feel the 'pressure' from that hungry ghost who was craving for sashimi! :p

OMG! The sashimi were ALLLLLLLLLL so damn fresh! There is NO SINGLE PIECE or TYPE which I won't relate it to freshness! It's cut in thick size exactly like my RYOMA standard . *Ahem, of coz right now you can throw me this question, "Hey, this gotto depend on how much you pay mah!"* OK OK....... I zip my mouth OK?! :P

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