Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Wok Nyonya & Local Cuisine - Invited Review

Invited Review @ Hot Wok, Burmah Road.

Last Friday a group of us, 14x pax in total, were invited by CK for a food review, extended by Mr. Kelvyn Yeoh, the owner of Hot Wok.

Downstair is divided into 3 portions - the front, the middle and the back. You can see that this pre war house is now tranformed into a beautiful house decorated with fine arts and antiques, close to become a nyoya gallery.

We were seated at the middle hall, alongside the staircase. Very 'peranakan' homey feel heh?!

Leading to upstair. The deco at upstair is lit up more brightly and more spacious BUT I personally feel that it is less 'nyonya' or 'peranakan' feel if compared to downstair.

Upstair dining tables.

This is not an art piece but a menu lah!

The owner with HK leng lui artist, 官恩那 and Tou Tou!

Loh Bak (My rating 8/10)
Very neat & nice presentation of this Loh Bak dish. The Loh Bak is not that 'oily' and I could taste the juiciness of the minced pork.

Kiam Chai Ark (My rating 9/10)
When scoop into small bowls, I won't see the oiliness anymore. :) The soup is full of duck meat, salted vege (kiam chai) and tomatoes. The taste is just nice, not too salty and not too peppery. One bowl is definitely not enough for me!! This is the dish that made me begging for rice!

Choon Pheah (My rating 7/10)
This Choon Pheah (spring rolls) is best eaten when dipped with the special vinegar sauce.

Wrapping underneath the crispy skin is the shredded bang kuang and carrot.


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