Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pin Seong Seafood @ Pekaka

Pin Seong Seafood @ Pekaka

I have been wondering where Pin Seong disappeared to for months until I read from FoOd PaRaDiSe and confirmed that this Pin Seong is actually belongs to the ex-Pin Seong which was located at the kopitiam next door.

It's directly opposite the Wang Chao @ Pekaka Square.

We used to order their signature curry seafood dish which has never failed to please us but then this time we decided NOT TO, take risk uh?!
Pat Poh Keh (八寶雞) RM12. Recommended as their special dish of that day. Hmm...not too bad. Since it's 'pat poh', one got the chance to eat lots of ingredients and also a lot of gravy to go with the rice.

Char Eng Chai (Kangkung) RM6- this one fried with tao joo version, hmm......too sweet though.


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