Thursday, June 18, 2009

Canton-i 香港粥麵家

Canton-i 香港粥麵家 @ Queensbay

Canton-i really attract streams of customers non-stop one hor eventhough it's weekdays. I was curious to know how come so many customers keen to go back again and again eventhough the price is 'HK standard' leh? :)

Soya Bean 豆漿 (RM3.50) & HK-style Ice Lemon Tea 凍檸檬紅茶(RM5.50). The lemon tea is a real typical HK style, tasted like our Nestea, pao puk puk one (diluted type). The soyabean tasted exactly like typical Vitasoy too. :p

At this moment I suspected there was a durian smell kinda dish being served on the tables behind. I pusing pusing 180% left and right but couldn't find where that smell came from? Canton-i got durian dishes kah?! Anyone has tried it before?
We wanted to order the conch soup but then that weekday they only got 1 type of soup, lotus root. Har??? why leh?????
Honey-glazed Roast Pork 招牌叉燒皇 (RM16.00). This one was good but not as GOOD as I thought loh. The caramelized part was mou tak teng but not enough for tam chiak kaki like us :) *. Since their cutting was slightly thicker therefore one got to put more effort in chewing when comes to those non-fatty or 'siap siap' part.

Pork Intestine Congee 狀元及第粥 (RM9.80). Very well-brewed congee, soooo fine and smooth. All the ingredients were cleaned properly (no *shit* leftover) and also 'chewable'. That's why I heard people keep recommending their congee dishes huh?!

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