Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Momiji-tei Japanese Garden Restaurant

Momiji-tei @ Tanjung Bungah

Since I first read it @ Alan's post about Momiji-Tei, I've already marked it down on my 'food-hunting' list. Jap food kaki mah! :) At last I made it last week, a weekday.

This is the main entrance. Too bad that we couldn't park at entrance here since it's facing the main road.

We got to park behind the restaurant, near the food court. This is the back entrance.

Every dining table has this lovely tulip.

Shiro Maguro / White Tuna (also called Butter Fish) (RM23.00+). I personally think that this Butter Fish is not that good if compared to Cuisine Bou . It's less succulent and less creamy. That white line (look at the pic) is the part that made you chewing more. The one I had in Cuisine Bou can 'melt' in my mouth.

Unagi Kabayaki & Sashimi Set (RM50.00+) . The most expensive one out of all the set dinners which range from RM20-RM39. Got Unagi leh! Got Sashimi woh! Worth lah come on! Where got expensive?! Remember the OMG at Kampachi ?! :)

When everything comes in affordable and reasonble price, I won't pick much.
Grilled unagi in dark soya sauce. I just love it! NO, I have no complain at all.

The sashimi : salmon, tuna, white tuna, octopus. 

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