Friday, June 26, 2009

Miraku G-Hotel Set Dinner

Miraku @ G-Hotel : Set Dinner Part

Waraku Gozen RM68+ . I personally felt that this one definitely 'fight toh' Kampachi one. Scroll down for proofs.

For those who would like to have Eel only (w/o Sashimi & Tempura), there is Unagi Kabayaki Zen @ RM60+.

Salmon Teriyaki Zen RM38+

Waraku Gozen : Main dishes are Eel + Sashimi +Tempura.

Grilled Eel. Medium size. (So you can imagine the Unagi Kabayaki Zen -ONLY EEL- set will be XL size loh)

6 slices of sashimi. Tempura. Salad. Vege. Chawan Mushi. Miso Soup. Rice. Jelly (we had this on that day instead of fruit).

Salmon Teriyaki Zen RM38+ (Main dish : Salmon). Take note of that jelly on top left corner, it's a NONO.

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