Monday, June 29, 2009

Winter Warmer Set Meal

Finally I claimed the complimentary set meal before it's due! Now whenever refrehsing that memory still I found myself was really ngong kui. This is by far the most boh tatt member card that I have applied, ha! :p

Unlike my last visit with 'warm' experience , this time round we were served by this young waitress who is really 'standing' at customer side. *tou mai for her boss?! :p*

Y showed her the card we have before ordering, then she quickly flipped the menu o the set meal portion and pointed to the last one, "This one is the most expensive one loh, the most worthy one."

Y said, " but I wanna order chicken spaghetti woh...". I said"OK, up to you!"

I pointed to that last one," The last one seems nice woh. I order one also lah".

Even before Y realized what has actually happened by saying,"Hey, then me how??"

She quickly followed up," You order this one (pointing to the last set, most expensive one) using card loh, then you order the chicken spaghetti using ala carte menu lah".

I beh tahan smiling at her, "Haha! OK OK!" *Whispering inside my heard,"Good lah you! Babe!"*

If every restaurant that I go can be served by this kind of waitresses then surely I gonna live longer. :)

This is the salad which came with the set.

Chicken spaghetti. *Argh! SOoooooo beh khi*

The most expensive one loh - Cheese baked spaghetti. The cheese was kinda thick thus made me feeling like chewing 'plastic' at times. Anyhow, it tasted much better than the chicken spaghetti loh.


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