Monday, June 15, 2009

Gasoline Cafe

Gasoline Cafe @ Penang Times Square

This is a place for quick meal or chit-chat gathering , definitely not for fine-dining. The price is reasonable with average food quality, targets more on young generation. I believe if this cafe is opened at FIZ, sure full house everyday during lunch loh!

Hey folks, if possible don't sit inside that 'cave' area , a lot of mosquitoes one leh + very hot too. There were a bunch of ppl also 'tam tak yee' chose to sit inside there but then they moved to the long table outside after sitting in the cave less than 10 min. :)

Iced Lychee Milk (RM6.50) - Wahlau ei, it's served in SUPER JUMBO size one! Enough for two. This one tasted sweet-lychee with very slight milk taste. Ngam me!

French Toast 法蘭西多士(RM4.50) - Wah..super KAO and oily one loh, I personally favour this one MORE than the Roti Bakar Kopitiam (炭烤麵包) @ behind.

Marmite Wings 媽蜜雞翼(RM5.90) - mai hiam beh pai lah.

Kam Heong Seafood Rice 金香海鮮飯 (RM7.90) . 


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